What to do with your election signs post-election

The New Westminster civic election is over. Now it’s time for all of the candidates to pick up their signs and… do what with them? Here are some ideas:

  1. Use them as toboggans in the winter.

  2. Use them as skimboards in the summer.

  3. Get a boat. Stitch together enough signs to make sails. Practice sailing up and down the Fraser River in preparation for the invasions of Coquitlam and Richmond.

  4. Throw them into traffic.

  5. Wallpaper your rooms with them.

  6. Make a kayak. You could be a valuable member of the New Westminster Navy.

  7. Cheap frisbees. Okay, maybe not that cheap, I hear those signs are expensive. And they’re kind of heavy, and not all that easy to catch. Maybe this is a bad idea.

  8. Paint over them with a new sign.

  9. Store them so you can use them in the next election!

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