’s 2014 Year In Review

2014 was a pretty slow one on the good old blog, with only 22 posts written. Heck, the first one in 2014 didn’t come until September 17th!

Nonetheless, I did actually get some people actually visiting the site, with 7663 pageviews in total over 2014. That’s actually up over 2013 by 2.69%, astonishingly.

The most popular 2014 post, by pageviews, was my flowchart on how to get elected in New Westminster in 2014. Second was Jonathan X. Cote’s answers to my questions, and third was the actual questions.

I’m hoping to boost all of these numbers in 2015 with more frequent posting. See, by writing my first post on January 2 I’ve already doing better than last year!

I’m also hoping to boost engagement by turning on comments here. I didn’t like Disqus that much, and that was the default commenting system available to me. Recently I’ve discovered Muut and have enabled it here. This is the first post that uses it, so please do let me know if it’s any good!

As always, I can be reached on the Twitter at @CanSpice for shorter and quicker discourse.

Have a great 2015, everybody!

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