Jonathan Cote can control the weather!

I ran into New Westminster mayor Jonathan Cote at the first Royal City Farmers Market Summer Market today. I commented about the turnout (large) and the weather (nice), and he dropped this bomb on me:

Yeah, Council was arguing about what sort of weather we were going to have today but I pushed the nice weather through.

I laughed, and wished him a fine rest of his day, but then I got to thinking… the weather has been pretty good recently. Blue skies for New West’s 145th May Day. Blue skies for The Ancient and Honourable Hyack Anvil Battery anvil salute. I mean seriously, check out this quote from Archie Miller:

“That was one of the first Victoria Days in a number of years that we haven’t been watching clouds or rain coming. It was beautiful,” said Archie Miller, the group’s historian. “The day was really, really nice. Everything went well.”

And as proof of his benevolence? The forecast for Sunday, May 24, when the “ousted” Royal Lancers are holding their community heritage picnic?

Sunny, with a high of 21.

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