My 2018 Running Year

For 2018 I had one running goal: run a total of 1000 kilometers. I started out the year strong, putting in 116.7 km in January. On November 19 I ran 9.37 kilometers through New West to hit that 1000 kilometers mark. Goal achieved!

Along the way I ran five races:

So what are my running goals for 2019?

  1. Run a total of 1000 km. Obviously achievable, and it keeps me motivated to go out for those 5:30am runs.
  2. PB in the BMO Vancouver Marathon 8k. This is one of my favourite races of the year, with a nice flat course through Stanley Park. This year’s race was an 8k PB, and then I crushed that by nearly a minute and a half at the AWS re:Invent 8k in Las Vegas at the end of the year. A 33:39 at the BMO 8k would put me solidly in the top three for my age category, which I’ve done the past two years.
  3. Complete 60% of New Westminster’s streets on CityStrides. I’m currently at 46%, and increasing this to 60% would mean stretching runs out to the West End, Connaught Heights, Sapperton, and Massey Victory Heights. And 60% means I don’t have to do super-long runs to get out to Queensborough.

If you want to follow me on my goals, follow me on Strava!

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