May the Force Be With Your Bad Baby Names

After a pretty long hiatus, Bad Baby Names are back! To be honest, I got a little bored of all of the bad baby names that the Hawaii Tribune Herald kept serving up. You can only make so many jokes about too many Y’s or girls named Madison before they start getting stale. But this week’s list had a name that I just couldn’t pass up.

See, normally I get a link to the list of births emailed to me every week (thank you If This Then That!), and it puts the first two names in the body of the email. The first name in the list spurred this post (don’t worry, we’ll get to it) but it turns out that there are a couple of non-standard Bad Baby Names that deserve mention.

First, Spartacus. That’s a hell of a name to live up to, and I only hope his classmates help him out when he throws spitballs in class.

Second, along the same lines as Spartacus, comes little Ronilla-Cleopatra. Watch out for asps, little one! It’s lucky you’ll be growing up in snake-free Hawaii.

And the reason behind the Bad Baby Name rejuvenation: Princessleia. The only way this little girl’s name could get any better is if her middle name were Organa. Then the force would truly be with this girl.

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