Questions for New West School Trustee Candidates, 2022 Edition

I came up with a list of questions to ask New Westminster council and mayoral candidates for the 2022 municipal election, and Danielle Connelly asked:

And because this was a school assignment, I pushed it off and pushed it off and now here they are at the last possible minute!

  1. With NWSS finally built and opened, what school do you see the province neglecting to tear down and replace for the next fifty years?
  2. Council will soon be introducing coyotes to New West parks in what many are calling a misguided effort to boost tourism. Okay, it was all my idea, they’re not actually doing that. But if they do, what do you feel is the optimal coyote-student ratio for our school grounds?
  3. With a 50% success rate on names for new schools built in the past few years (hits: Qayqayt, Skwo:wech; misses: Fraser River, New Westminster), what will you do to improve this rate?
  4. One thing my daughter learned at a New Westminster school is that New West is one of the most haunted cities in Canada. I’ve asked this question before but that was an election and a half ago so I’m asking it again: who would be three people to join you as Ghostbusters?
  5. We all know that school space is at a premium, and buying new land for schools is expensive. Will you support the hostile takeover of City Hall to turn it into a new school? 

Stay tuned for the answers!