On the Great New Westminster Envelope Scandal of 2014

Back story: New Westminster had an election. During the election campaign, three candidates (mayoral candidate James Crosty, and council candidates Gavin Palmer and Scott McIntosh) sent this to New Westminster residents:



When it was delivered, some people on Twitter called it “deceptive” and “misleading”. See, the crown used on this envelope is actually the trademarked logo of the City of New Westminster:


…which lead some people to think that the three candidates were misleading people into thinking the city sent out this mail.

Outgoing council member Betty McIntosh had this to say:

If you lived in the city of #NewWest longer you would know that is the same envelope the labour slate used in 2011

Here’s what the 2011 envelope looks like:


I’m not sure what definition of same she’s using, but those don’t look the same to me.

Sameness aside, it turns out that the City of New Westminster doesn’t like it when other people use their trademarked logo, and they’re currently looking into their legal options. I have to wonder if Mr. Crosty is going to be documenting that news story.

That’s not the biggest news to come out of this saga. The Royal City Record reached out to Mr. Crosty to comment, and “Crosty… told The Record [he] had no comment about the use of the crown.”

No comment! From James Crosty! That’s the biggest news to hit New Westminster all year!

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