New Westminster Election Prediction Results

The final results are in for the 2020 British Columbia Provincial Election, so let’s see how my predictions fared!

To recap, I made the following predictions:

  • Jennifer Whiteside, NDP: 62%
  • Cyrus Sy, Green: 23%
  • Lorraine Brett, BC Liberal: 13%
  • Everybody else: 2%

And here are the final results:

  • Jennifer Whiteside, NDP: 60.25%
  • Cyrus Sy, Green: 19.02%
  • Lorraine Brett, BC Liberal: 16.26%
  • Everybody else: 4.48%

I guess I didn’t do that badly!

But had I stuck with my original numbers (60 / 21 / 17) I would have been even closer. “Never second-guess yourself” is the lesson here!

As everybody expected, Jennifer Whiteside ran away with the election. As probably everybody expected, Cyrus Sy came second for the Green Party, and Lorraine Brett finished third again.

New Westminster: safe for the NDP and ultimately quite boring when it comes to elections.