Patrick Johnstone answers New Westminster mayoral candidate questions

Patrick Johnstone is running for New Westminster City Council. He answered my questions using graphics and photos that he was already using on his blog, New Westminster In My Back Yard. Creative, innovative, and showing a distinct amount of laziness to not come up with new answers! Thank you Patrick!

I shouldn’t have to mention that this is all satirical.

Supporting and growing local businesses will help keep jobs in New Westminster, grow our tax base, provide opportunity for New Westminster citizens to live and work in New Westminster, and bring more people to our fair city. A wide range of businesses is also good for a city, as it diversifies the tax base and does not make us reliant upon any one industry. As mayor, what will you do to bring more Save On Foods grocery stores to New Westminster?

The Bailey Bridge was a source of contention between New Westminster and Coquitlam in 2014. As mayor, what will you do to piss off Coquitlam in 2015?

Fallen leaves from trees are a menace to the walkability of New Westminster, creating slippery sidewalks and clogging our storm drains. What will you do to rid New Westminster of this scourge? Patrick Johnstone, you’re ineligible to answer this question because we all know you love the trees. Okay, here, if you want to answer a question for #3 here goes: If you love trees so much why don’t you marry one?

Without using Google, what are the eleven neighbourhoods of New Westminster? Yeah, eleven. I had no idea there were that many. Don’t forget Connaught Heights, everybody forgets them. At least they have a SkyTrain station! Okay, what are the other ten neighbourhoods of New Westminster?

Speaking of the neighbourhoods of New Westminster, which is your favourite and why is it Sapperton?

Why have none of you developed your websites with Of Desks, one of New Westminster’s finest web design and development companies?

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