Jeremy Perry answers New Westminster School Trustee questions

Jeremy Perry is running for School Trustee in New Westminster, and he answered my questions. Thank you for answering!

Obviously this is all satire. If you can’t see this is satire, then maybe you should move to Vancouver, I hear they’re all No Fun over there.

The biggest issue in this year’s election is undoubtedly the replacement of New Westminster Secondary School, an issue that has been going on for at least a decade. Every legitimate candidate (sorry, Jim Bell) is on board with getting the rebuild started quickly. When you run for re-election in 2018, what promises will you make to convince voters that the NWSS rebuild will start in 2019?

Jeremy Perry: As with almost all trustee candidates in every election in recent memory in New West, come 2018 I will once again talk about how close we are to reaching a deal with the provincial government, and ensure that everyone is aware that we have done everything in our power to move this project forward. I will make promises that we will be hearing some very good news very shortly. It will be my most important 2018 campaign issue!

There was some recent discussion on Twitter about entering discussions with Richmond towards building a high school in Queensborough that will also take students from the Hamilton district of eastern Richmond. Two part question here: As school trustee, what will you do to ensure that New Westminster students at this Queensborough high school are reminded daily that they are better than their Richmond counterparts, and will you join forces with the pro-expansion council to annex Hamilton and make it part of New Westminster?

Jeremy Perry: Cooperation between neighbouring school districts is important, the sharing of resources can be quite beneficial. However, the first part of this question is a moot point, as I am pro-annexation. We won’t need to add “New Westminster is better” to the curriculum, as that will be clearly known by all students attending this high school, as New Westminster will have expanded and annexed part of Richmond; clearly showing our superiority.

One of your fellow school trustee candidates asked why three schools (NWSS, Fraser River Middle, and Qayqayt Elementary) are being built instead of just one. That’s an excellent question. Why not one school? In fact, why not tear down all of our schools and take over the Anvil Centre as “New Westminster School”?

Jeremy Perry: I’m surprised that you came up with the idea in the last part of your question, as plans are well under way. I wasn’t supposed to say anything (as I’m not supposed to know), but I’ve recently been made aware of in camera meetings by both council and the school board to amalgamate all New West schools at the Anvil centre. The plan is to buy back the office tower (at a significant profit for the investors who are friends of some important people). These plans are progressing quickly, and you can expect great things from the Supersized Anvil Education Centre.

What is your favourite New Westminster school and why is it Urban Academy?

Jeremy Perry: It would have been John Robson, but now, you’re right, it’s Urban Academy. Great school, great teachers, great community! I’d like to see their expansions plans exceed everything they have asked for! We should all be advocating for an Urban Academy high-rise so we can have a great focal point added to the Queen’s Park skyline!

Enroling children for Early French Immersion in New Westminster means signing up within the first six months of your child’s life because of the first-come-first-served process. What will you do to change this and require parents to sign up their children for Early French Immersion before they are born?

Jeremy Perry: We will be working hard to further limit spots in all programs of choice to ensure that students must be enrolled upon (or preferably prior to) conception. This will help ensure that only those families who have strong roots in our community will be able to access these programs.

Bonus question inspired by Jen Arbo: Fundraising for a playground at Qayqayt Elementary has been a community-lead effort. As school trustee, how many bottle drives and online contests will you help push instead of getting proper funding for these things?

Jeremy Perry: I’ll push to have 5 or 10 online voting style fundraisers going simultaneously, at all times, as these are such great community boosters in that it really brings the parents and community together, while effectively excluding any families without internet access.

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