The Amalgamation Hipsters of New Westminster

In the 2014 December 13 Vancouver Sun, columnist Pete McMartin wrote this correction:

My apologies to Mayor Greg Moore for incorrectly identifying him in Friday’s column as mayor of Coquitlam. He is not. He is mayor of Port Coquitlam, which I am assured are two completely different communities. Mayor Moore informed me by email, however, that he will be invading Coquitlam and should be incorporating it into Port Coquitlam by spring.

Finally, a Metro politician in favour of amalgamation.


“Finally, a Metro politician in favour of amalgamation?” Clearly Mr. McMartin has not heard about New Westminster mayor Jonathan “The People’s Champion” Cote, who showed his war-mongering side in November:

I have long believed that New Westminster would benefit from an expanded land base. The twinning of the Bailey Bridge should help facilitate the Royal City’s long desire to have an IKEA.

And what about Michael “Big E” Ewen’s comments about Richmond:

The New Westminster School Board has been in talks for months and once we get this silly election out of the way we will be announcing that we have annexed all of Richmond.

And don’t forget about what Mark “Tiny” Gifford had to say:

You think we’re stopping at Hamilton? We’re Queensborough and the Royal City, and as such, deem territories to the Knight Street Bridge to be rightfully ours.

Even candidates that didn’t get voted in are pro-amalgamation, like Jeremy “The Juggernaut” Perry:

…I am pro-annexation. We won’t need to add “New Westminster is better” to the curriculum, as that will be clearly known by all students attending this high school, as New Westminster will have expanded and annexed part of Richmond; clearly showing our superiority.

“Finally”, indeed! New Westminster politicians are like amalgamation hipsters: planning it before Mr. McMartin thought it was cool.

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