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My ‘Yes In New West’ address to New Westminster Council

On 7 November 2016 a group of New Westminster residents called ‘Yes In New West‘ spoke before City Council to ask that they add more ‘missing middle’ housing — duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses, and rowhouses — in New Westminster as part of its Official Community Plan. Here’s what I had to say: My name is […]

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Well done, Moody Park Residents’ Association, well done.

In 1890 David McLaughlin purchased some land in New Westminster near the newly-created Moody Park. It’s rumoured that he, being a ship’s carpenter and handy with building things out of wood, built the house that still stands on that property today at 1031 Sixth Avenue. The house is typical of those of the time, in […]

Housing New Westminster

Buy vs. Rent: New Westminster Townhouse Edition

“Should I buy or should I rent” articles are all the rage these days. The New York Times has their rent vs. buy calculator, a professor at McMaster University assigns a “rent vs buy” task to his students, and Mr. Money Moustache had a good rant that focused on Toronto and Ottawa. That last article […]