2017 BC Provincial Election New Westminster

New Westminster 2017 Provincial election prediction scenarios

In the 2013 BC Provincial Election Andrew Weaver had a historic first BC Green victory in the Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding. This time around, the Greens are looking to expand upon their single seat with an additional one or two on Vancouver Island. The dark horse riding for the Greens is our very own New […]

2017 BC Provincial Election Guest Posts

Guest Post: On Voting Green and Splitting the Left

Note: This is a guest post by Alice Cavanagh. Recently on Twitter, a friend of mine said something that really stuck with me. There was a bit of heated debate about voting strategically vs voting your conscience and what about if your conscience leads you to vote strategically. What she said in reference to the […]

2017 BC Provincial Election New Westminster TransLink Transportation

What now for the Pattullo Bridge?

The Pattullo Bridge needs replacing. Built 80 years ago but designed to last 50 years, it desperately needs replacing. River scour is causing foundation issues. The reinforcing steel is corroding. The concrete is degrading. The lanes are narrow and dangerous. It needs to go. TransLink has a plan for replacing it, with a new bridge […]

2017 BC Provincial Election Transportation

A Stab In The Back

Metro Vancouver has a traffic problem. A year and a half ago we had a referendum that’d put more money into fixing congestion, but it got shot down in a ball of flames. Nonetheless, the region’s mayors pushed on with their ten-year plan to do what they can to improve transportation in Metro Vancouver. And […]