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What’s Coming to New West Council on February 8, 2021

New Westminster City Council is having a Regular Meeting on February 8, 2021, and here are some highlights of what’s on the agenda. Draft 2021 – 2025 Financial Plan This is the big ticket item for this week’s meeting. The Financial Plan lays out the financial plan (obviously) for the next five years, something required […]

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What’s Coming to New West Council on February 1, 2021

New Westminster City Council is having a Regular Meeting on February 1, 2021, and here are some highlights on what’s on the agenda. Letter from New Westminster Police Board to New Westminster City Council Backstory: in December New West City Council requested that the Police Board draft a 2021 budget with a 0% increase, in […]

2020 BC Provincial Election New Westminster

New Westminster Election Prediction Results

The final results are in for the 2020 British Columbia Provincial Election, so let’s see how my predictions fared! To recap, I made the following predictions: Jennifer Whiteside, NDP: 62% Cyrus Sy, Green: 23% Lorraine Brett, BC Liberal: 13% Everybody else: 2% And here are the final results: Jennifer Whiteside, NDP: 60.25% Cyrus Sy, Green: […]

2020 BC Provincial Election New Westminster

New Westminster 2020 Provincial Election Forecast

Hey it’s election time again! And that means I’m going to gaze into my crystal ball and forecast what the numbers are going to look like for the New Westminster electoral district (not the Richmond-Queensborough one!) after all the votes are counted. Last time around the BC NDP had Judy Darcy running for re-election, the […]

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New West Record embraces recycling

The hottest story in New Westminster over the last few months has undoubtedly been the imminent closure of its only city-run recycling centre and the subsequent uproar from the neighbourhoods of Queens Park and Queens Park Lite. Never a stranger to running stories that’ll get the letters flowing, the New West Record has continued to […]

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New West Progressives call for ten-lane recycling centre

The New Westminster Progressives have committed to pursuing a competitive 10-lane recycling centre to replace the ageing, but iconic, New Westminster Recycling Depot, which has served the community for the past 25 years. The new recycling centre would be capable of hosting Provincial and National-level meets, while providing the residents with a usable public recycling component. The […]

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On 616 & 640 Sixth Street, New Westminster

616 & 640 Sixth Street in New Westminster are two buildings next to each other that are looking to get rezoned. The developer wants to replace the two two-storey commercial buildings with a building that will have over 12,000 square feet of street level commercial, 142 market strata residential units, and 95 secured market rental […]

New Westminster School Board

On SD40 and their Child Care Space funding request

Recently New Westminster’s school district (SD40) took a look at asking the provincial government for funding to supply some child care spaces at their schools. This is great! Child care is lacking in New Westminster and we need more. What isn’t great is that the school district plans to ask for funding for 136 spaces […]


My 2018 Running Year

For 2018 I had one running goal: run a total of 1000 kilometers. I started out the year strong, putting in 116.7 km in January. On November 19 I ran 9.37 kilometers through New West to hit that 1000 kilometers mark. Goal achieved! Along the way I ran five races: BMO Vancouver Marathon 8k Time: […]

2018 Municipal Election New Westminster

How Did New Westminster’s Neighbourhoods Vote? Part 2: Individual Polling Stations

In my last post I looked at how the different candidates (and teams) gained and lost votes from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. In this post I’m going to look at who won each polling station (but only those used on election day, I’m not looking at advance voting). This is different from the previous look because […]