2015 Transit Referendum Facepalms TransLink

The astoundingly bad logic of Jordan Bateman

Today BC Transportation Minister Todd Stone announced a ten-year transportation plan for BC. During the press conference he was asked about the Metro Vancouver transportation plebiscite, and if the province is considering reforming TransLink, because this is one of the reasons why people are considering voting ‘no’. His answer? At this point in time, the […]

2015 Transit Referendum

“That’s pretty weak, Jordan.”

I was on CKNW on Tuesday talking about “waste” at TransLink, prompted by my post poking holes in the “TransLink is extremely wasteful” myth. Personally I think the interview got a little side-tracked (I was expecting to talk more about the “waste” than general TransLink issues), but people have told me that I did a […]

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Regarding Translink’s ‘Fare Not Paid’ Button

On January 6, 2015, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation put out a press release stating TransLink bus drivers pressed a special button in their coaches to record a “fare not paid” more than 2.76 million times in 2013… 2.76 million times! That’s a lot of button presses and a huge amount of fare evasion! Like Jordan […]